Monday, April 7, 2008

Daisy De La Hoya Vamps It Up!

If you weren’t already aware that Daisy De La Hoya had a bit of a wild side, you should probably dust off that rock you’ve been hiding under. Daisy is currently a contestant on VH1’s ‘Rock of Love’ and has made quite a name for herself with her uh, not so tame image. She is further enhancing that, just to make it absolutely clear to everyone, that she’s more vamp than anything else. The pics you see here are the more tamer side of Daisy in one of her most recent photo shoots. Gotta say, they could be a lot worse, though it seems some of them not shown here actually are. But hey, you know how rough life is in Hollywood for the D-listers. Seems the consensus in the D-list club is you gotta show some skin, and then some more, and then maybe make a video just to get people to notice you. Taking bets now to see how long it takes before Daisy’s sex tape ‘accidentally’ hits the Internet waves.

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